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Seasonal Tips: Spring Maintenance Checklist


Plant health Care (PHC) is a concept that is relatively new. We have preached this type of program for years, but just recently it has become a term that is being used more often. This program can preserve and protect your yard as well as your pocket book. Now is the time to take a closer look at your landscape. Early detection of winter kill, frost cracks, rodent damage and signs of disease/insects on your trees and shrubs can significantly lower costly maintenance down the road. Maintenance pruning and tailor made treatments can prevent problems or keep them from getting serious. Your plant health care program includes:

• Professional support with our Certified Arborist
• Individual Care, because every yard is different
• Treatment options and alternatives, if unhealthy environmental issues are present we will provide you with information about the problem and possible treatment/solution options.
• Environmental Sensitivity; as you would expect, healthy trees and shrubs enhance our landscape, strengthen natural defences and suppress pests. We will do our best to help eliminate harmful pests in an environmentally friendly way; we will take care to eliminate only those that are harmful.
• Cost Effectiveness; Plant Health Care programs will maintain plant vigour and cost considerably less than reactive interventions.

We look forward to hearing from you, until then Happy Gardening and remember to check your Trees!!

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