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Tree Care | Keys to your Trees Health

Tree Selection

Personal preferences to the species you like will play a major role in the selection process, the species must be suitable for your geographic region (hardy), be tolerant to moisture and drainage conditions of your soil, be resistant to pests in your area, and have the right form and size for your trees site and function. Remember that most trees have the potential to out live us, so the right selection becomes crucial. When you are ready to select a tree for planting our Certified ISA Arborists can help you in selecting the right tree to plant in the right place.


Mulching can reduce environmental stress by providing trees with a stable root environment that is cooler and contains more moisture than the surrounding soil. Mulch can also prevent mechanical damage by keeping machines such as lawn mowers and weed trimmers away from the tree base. Mulch also aids in the reduction of surrounding weeds and grass so there is less competition for the tree to gain its nutrients. Mulch should be placed 2 to 4 inches deep and cover the entire root system, do not cover the actual trunk of the tree; 1-2 inches of mulch free area is required at the base to avoid moist bark conditions and prevent trunk decay. Call Precise Pruning for natural wood chips; we can deliver to your door.


Fertilization is an important aspect of mature tree care. Trees require certain nutrients to function and grow. Urban landscape trees can be growing in soils that do not contain sufficient nutrients for healthy growth. In these situations, it may be necessary to fertilize to improve plant vigour. A major portion of actively growing roots is located outside the tree’s drip line. Let us help you determine how much, what type, and where to best apply fertilizer, we offer deep root tree and shrub fertilizing in both Spring and Fall.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure aside from watering. Pruning is often preferred and at times necessary to remove dead, diseased, insect-infested branches, encourage foliage, improve tree structure or to maintain safety. Each potential cut has the ability to change the growth of a tree or cause damage, that is why no branch should be removed without a reason. We have special equipment, are trained and experienced at which “Class type“ of pruning is required, reducing risk of personal injury and damage to your property. Proper tree maintenance gives them a beautiful attractive appearance and added value to your property. When your trees need pruning our ISA Certified Arborists are standing by to assist you in making the right cut, the PRECISE cut!

Tree Removal

Tree removal should be a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary. We can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed.

When is removal of a tree recommended?
-It is dead, dying or considered hazardous
-It is causing obstruction or is crowding/causing harm to other trees and the situation cannot be corrected through pruning
-It should to be replaced by a more suitable specimen
-It should be removed to allow for construction

Poorly maintained trees, can be a significant liability and become costly when it comes time to remove them. The work can be dangerous and should only be performed by ISA Certified Arborists. When the need arises to remove a tree, give us a call our Arborists have the skill and equipment to safely and efficiently remove a tree.

Keys to your Trees Health

Planting of new Trees

Think of the new tree you just purchased as a lifetime investment. How well your tree will do depends on the type of tree and location you have selected for planting. The care you provide when the tree is planted and follow-up maintenance is crucial to its survival.

Follow these steps:
-Dig a shallow, broad planting hole
-Identify the trunk flare
-Remove tree container
-Place the tree at the proper height
-Straighten the tree in the hole
-Fill the hole gently but firmly
-Stake the tree, if needed
-Mulch the base of the tree
-Provide follow-up care

When questions arise about the care of your young tree, be sure to give Precise Pruning a call, our ISA Certified Arborists will be happy to assist you.

Newly Planted Tree Maintenance

Pruning a newly planted tree should be limited to corrective pruning only, save other pruning for the second or third year. Unpruned trees establish faster with a stronger root system than trees pruned at the time of planting.

Mature Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance for mature trees is designed to promote plant health and strong plant foliage. Maintaining proper pruning techniques will not only enhance the beauty of trees it will help in detecting insect and diseases before they become a large issue that might lead to tree removal.


Watering of trees is essential to aid in their growth especially in our environment, taking into consideration soil conditions and drainage. Watering around the drip line is the most effective way to ensure that the feeder root system receives enough moisture to protect and encourage tree growth.


Fertilization is another important component of tree care. Trees require certain types of nutrients to function and grow properly. Urban landscape trees can grow in soil that do not contain sufficient nutrients for proper growth and development. Both Spring and Fall deep root fertilizing can help protect the root system and improve plant foliage.

Insect/Disease Control

Insects and disease can threaten tree health. As soon as an abnormality is noticed in your trees appearance, a careful examination should begin to identify the concern. Identifying the symptom early is the first step in understanding the cause, once the problem has been diagnosed the correct treatment plan can be implemented. Give Precise Pruning a call, we will be happy to come out and help you make the correct diagnosis and provide treatment options.



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